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The velvet56 lens was something I was excited to use, but when I started using it, it felt like I was trying to force myself to like it, more than me actually enjoying my time with it. My biggest problem with it is how images always seem blurry, no matter how in focus you are. While I understand its supposed to give a heaven like look to it, I was simply not a fan on its results. Its so mixed for me that I still don't know if I like the picture above or not.

  • Jase Foster

Process: Shooting with this background was so much easier to get the water and water droplet to show the pattern I wanted, which made my second background shots look as if the water had an oil spill. due to the nicer water pattern, I shot more with this background than the other, giving me shots with a nicer quality to them than the second background. Along with this, when editing the colors POP that much more, giving it a more vibrant look than the other shots.

Problems I had: While I shot with this background more, it also took longer to start shooting since this was the first time I used the set-up, and it took a while to find a good focus, water speed, etc. Along with these issues, there was still the issue of every-time I stood up to adjust the water, the camera would lose focus and I would have to readjust the focus. Finally there was an issue where the flash would seem to only work every other shot, but that was likely more so my fault then the flash's.

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